SAN FRANCISCO_The 2022 San Francisco Book Festival has named the novel The Lies I Tell as the winner of its annual competition honoring the best books of the spring.

Julie Clark’s The Lies I Tell (Sourcebooks) is the story of a con artist who erases herself to become whoever you need her to be. A college student. A life coach. A real estate agent. But nothing about her is real. By the time she's done, you've likely lost everything. Kat Roberts has been waiting ten years for the woman who upended her life to return. And now that she has, Kat is determined to be the one to expose her. But as the two women grow closer, Kat's long-held assumptions begin to crumble, leaving Kat to wonder who Meg's true target is.

The page-turning thriller dives deep into the psyches and motivations of two women and their unwavering quest to seek justice for the past and rewrite the future.

Other winners in the competition:


WINNER: The Lies I Tell – Julie Clark


How to Date a Flying Mexican –Daniel A. Olivas

San Francisco – Terence Clarke

Daughter of the Boricua – Olivia Castillo


  • Corinth – Gene Lassers
  • The Elephant Tooth of ’95 – Rana Baydoun
  • Mister Yam – Yeng Tan
  • The Refusal – Eve M. Riley
  • Delphic Oracle, U.S.A. – Steven Mayfield
  •  Leaf – Warwick Landon
  • Lethal Decree – Dr. Trent W. Smallwood
  • An Ambition to Belong – James Sniechowski
  • Predator/Nomad a Novel – Daniel Micko
  • Lucky Ride – Terry Tierney
  • A Disturbing Nature – Brian Lebeau
  • Miranda in the Wind – David A. Thyfault
  • A Ballad of Love and Glory – Reyna Grande
  • Death of an Editor – JP Herman
  • Einstein in the Attic –Dana Dargos and Said Al Bizri
  • Strange Fire – Joel Burcat
  • When Angels Die – James Sniechowski
  • Curse of the Eagle – Michael Nathanson
  • Madison: Cricket of the Valley – Diane Dettmann
  • The Chase – Mario Busacca and Hoyt A. Byrum
  • Twins – Don Helin
  • Refugee on a Pendulum – Jemil Metti
  • Prisionero de las calles – Rene Santander
  • Eyes of Morpheus – Kevin D. Miller
  • The Pilgrim Soul in You – Martin Mutka
  • Blood Lily – Jenny Allen
  • Tabula Rasa – Jayanthi Sankar
  • Cradles of the Reich – Jenifer Coburn
  • Mindblown – Winsome Bentley
  • Wanda’s Tower – Robert Beatty
  • The Golden Hearts Club – Cinda K. Swalley
  • Drunk Talk –Mike Davis
  • Preparatory Notes for Future Masterpieces – Maceo Montoya
  • Blayne Winkle and the Mysterious Scroll – Marybeth Boulton
  • Dr. Altman and the Concubines – Lori Schneider, MD
  • Rise from the Blue – Boade Mandeng
  • I Am Woman…Book One – Mrs. Anthony
  • Katharina and Bianca – Elizabeth Reinach


WINNER: The V Train – Dano Cammarota

RUNNER-UP: Nothing from You – Embla Rhodes


Ten-Five – Darrell D. Bartell



WINNER: Molly’s New Pony, Sir Wallace McGee – David Casentini


Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles: ABC – Terance Shipman

The Night I Borrowed Santa’s Sleigh – R.B. Berkey

Completely Me – Dr. Justine Green


  • Ruby Smiles – Prudence Williams
  • Songs of Cicada The Moth and the Crow – Don Carr
  • Orange and Ginger Soapy Shampoo – Pamela James
  • Fairies and Dragons – Nancy Benson
  • Mr. Shipmans Kindergarten Chronicles – The First Day of School - Terance Shipman
  • Best Friends Forever – Portia Y. Clare
  • Koko & Stoney – Don Stansberry
  • Bubble Trouble – Alejandria Kate
  • Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook – Mariah Ecker, RD and Teri Ecker
  • Walter’s Desert Adventure – Cat Smith with Brad & Kelly Blake
  • Tractors, Tractors Everywhere- Megan Newton
  • The Sky’s The Limit – Olga McGrath
  • Flying with Finn – Joan Jenkinson
  • Zen and Now – Dreama Denver
  • Mr. Shipman’s Kindergarten Chronicles: The Field Day - Terance Shipman
  • Little Loon Finds His Voice – Yvonne Pearson and Regina Shklovsky
  • Superheroes Here and There – Crystel Patterson
  • Up up you go Jo! – Mariam Shapera
  • Rocket Ship Yoga – Bari Koral
  • Solita and the Purple Moon – Miriam Isabel Elliott
  • We All Have Spots – M.J. McDonald
  • Vroom! Barry, Kari and the Power Boost – William Wilberforce


WINNER: Second Harvest – Don Agey

RUNNER-UP: Shadow of the Trees Prose and Poems – Michael Cook


  • The Disappearing Act – April Frances Federico
  • While Listening to the Enigma Variations – Diane Frank
  • Ask the Wind – Mahnaz Badihian
  • Poems from Heartlands - Dr. C. A. Buckley
  • Midnight Blue: The End of Fear – Margaux J. Detterer
  • Poetry of a Life – Sharon Romero
  • Peace in the Midst of the Storm – Kaleb Thompson
  • A Brighter Tomorrow – Lori Schneider, MD
  • Escritos (Poemas & Prosa) – Rene Santander
  • Notes from No Man’s Land – Kyle Banta
  • Shade of Blue Trees – Kelly Cressio-Moeller
  • Reduction Fired – Jennifer Yeates Camara


WINNER: Life, I Swear – Chloe Louvouezo


Trust & Confidence – Jim Lichtman

Victim – Karen Moe

The Stress Book – D. Terrence Foster, MD


  • Martial Arts and Your Life – Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder
  • Inside Passage, A Memoir – Keema Waterfield
  • Hell’s Heaven – Anthony Florence
  • Fostering: A Memoir of Courage and Hope – Carmen Maria Navarro
  • The Making of a Physician – Harry L. Graber, M.D. F.A.C.C.
  • Eternal Vigilance – Ralph L. Bayrer
  • Enough About Me – Richard Lui
  • The Rebellious Widow – Jill Johnson-Young
  • F*CK Monogamy Sexual Freedom… - Sahar Taylor
  • Salt & Light, The Complete Jesus – Jonathan Geoffrey Dean
  • Torn Lilacs – Henry Michalski
  • A Child’s Spiritual Journey – Ernie Liverman
  • The Liminal Odyssey – Sande Hart
  • Trials and Tribulations – Veersen V. Bhoolai
  • Far Right Media is Making the World Chaotic - David Jeremiah


WINNER: Infernum – Jayson Adams


The Covenant Protocol – J.W. Elliot

Abandon Us: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller – E.T. Gunnarson

The Covenant Protocol – J.W. Elliot


  • The Last Dog – Dawn Greenfield Ireland
  • Barry and the Vampire – Darrell D. Bartell
  • Light Harvesters – Arthur Sellers
  • Red Dot – Mike Karpa
  • True Teryn – S.G. Blaise
  • Into the Storm – D.J. Adamson
  • The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm - Terance Shipman and Prudence Williams
  • Kairn (Mates of the Alliance Book 1) – Fionne Foxxe Farraday
  • The Unintended Traveler – RW Johnson
  • The Future is a Memory – Charles Ross
  • Cargo 3120 Ties That Bind – Aaron Walker Sr.


WINNER: Enlighten Up! – Beth Gibbs


Enough About Me – Richard Lui

The Alabaster Box – Linda Faith

The Nature and Purpose of Reality – Gary O. Nickolaus


  • Secular Passion Against Faith – Dr. Ted Hallum
  • Meditations for Modern Man –Michael Cook
  • John The Harbinger – Natsuya Uesugi DuBois
  • Becoming Soul – El Alma
  • Good Blood: A Journey of Healing – Irit Schaffer
  • Developing and Building The Mind and Heart of Christ Jesus - Dr. David Garty
  • God is a Verb! – Lynn Keller
  • Discover Your Joy – Louise Pistole
  • Forever – Dick Healey



WINNER: Donna’s No Corn, No Soy, No Problem! – Donna Burnworth

RUNNER-UP: Queen Bee’s Alphabet Cookbook – Mariah Ecker, RD and Teri Ecker



WINNER: The Matador and the Mustang – J.C. Burkesmith


Sisters of Mokama – Jyoti Thottam
Letters from Vietnam – Dennis Hoy
One Student at a Time – Ken Rand


  • How Do I Un-Remember This? – Danny Pelegrino
  • Confessions: Stories to Rock Your Soul – Nadine Condon
  • Burn This City to the Ground – N. Daniel
  • Breaking Down Vonnegut – Julia A. Whitehead
  • A Rebel’s Outcry – Jeffrey Gee Chin & Fumiko Carole Fujita
  • Black, White and Gray All Over – Frederick Douglass Reynolds
  • Enough About Me – Richard Lui
  • Hold, Please: Stage Managing A Pandemic – Richard Hester
  • The One Winged Phoenix – Sylvia Larsen
  • Crow and a Red Feather – Chellie Kew
  • Coast Starlight – Paul Bendix
  • Silence of Shame – Wendy J. Menara
  • Living with Trisomy 18/Edwards Syndrome – Josie Murrell
  • Walking on the Water – Aimy Ellen
  • Painful Knee Happy Heart Children Book – Evangelist Elizabeth Akomolafe


WINNER: Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous – Suzanne Park


Ski Weekend – Rektok Ross

The Adventures of Mahalia and Malcolm… - Terance Shipman and Prudence Williams

Pre-Hispanic Beings in Mythology –Arturo Martinez


  • Heirs of Anarwyn: Torn – J.W.Elliot
  • Trailer Trash Havana – Junio Carols
  • Grip Life – Elizabeth W. Grubbs
  • The Adventures of C.W. – Sandy Meeks


WINNER: Hunting Ground – John Michael McCarty


Lies That Bind – E.S. Alexander


  • Red, White, Black – Mary Stanton
  • The Rise and Fall of Wapato Lake – Ken Bilderback with Kris Bilderback
  • Arlen’s Gun – Edgar Doleman
  • A Winding Path to Flat Water – Robert D. Soles
  • No Names to be Given – Julia Brewer Daily
  • Pages and Leaflets of North Oxfordshire – Angela Fortnum
  • Imelda’s Secret – Liza Gino


WINNER: Reckoning Waves – Elliott Foster

RUNNER-UP: Criminals – Mike Karpa


  • Cupid’s Arrow – Susan English


WINNER: A Fish Ate My Homework – Rick Robinson and Wade DeHate


The Essential Rules of Love – Philip Russotti

Higher Self Yoga – Nanette V. Hucknall


  • The Stress Book – D. Terrence Foster, MD
  • Heart Disease & Hypertension: Vitamin Therapy… - Bryant Lusk
  • Contrary to Conception – Madeline V. Pasimio, DDS
  • Family Guide to Celebration of the Jewish Holidays - Leonard and Linda Chesler


WINNER: Be A Lion – Terry Blackburn

RUNNER-UP: Things I Heard Myself Say – Eli Boulous with Curtis Odom, Ed.D


  • The Impact Challenge – Alessia Falsarone
  • Ethical Profit – Samantha Richardson
  • Twelve-Minute Risk Management – Ivy Walker
  • You Want To Be An Entrepreneur – Jeff Stoller, JD, MBA, MBT


WINNER: The Blue Dragon’s War – Alberto Bieri and Sean Newton

RUNNER-UP: Silver to the Heart – Brien Feathers


  • Miranda in the Wind – David A. Thyfault
  • The Corona Monologues – Darrell D. Bartell
  • Broken Charm – Pebbles Lacasse
  • Surviving the Second Tier – M.K. Lever
  • Clint Eastwood vs. The Rainbow – David Womack
  • Real-Time Earthquake Tracking and Loalisation- George R. Daglish and Iurii P. Sizov
  • The Regulars’ Table – Christina R. Griffin
  • Good Blood: A Journey of Healing – Irit Schaffer
  • One Mad Apple – Tom Pratt
  • Little Girl – T.F. Mann


WINNER: Curves and Angles – Charles Rawlings

RUNNER-UP: Opening the Gates of Heart- Carolyn CJ Jones


  • Hmong Reverse Appliquι – Linda A. Gernder
  • Using Japanese Paper for Digital Printing of Photographs - Carl-Evert Jonsson
  • Rocky Mountains – A Self-Portrait – Kent Gunnufson
  • Reflections of Intimacy – Jewel Mensah
  • Photos Tolyak – Apostolos Peter Tolyak Kouroumalis


WINNER: 100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions – Ross Brand


WINNER: Here We Go Loop de Loop – William Jack Sibley