SAN FRANCISCO_A visionary reckoning with the effects network technologies have had on our economy has won top honors at the 2014 San Francisco Book Festival.

Jaron Lanier’s “Who Owns the Future?” (Simon & Schuster) argues that the rise of digital networks like Facebook, Google and others has led our economy into recession and decimated the middle class. As technology flattens other industries, we are facing even great challenges to employment and personal wealth.

The answer? Lanier proposes a future in which we are paid for the data gleaned from the information that we share every day online and through social networking.
Lanier and other authors and publishers from the competition will be honored at a private ceremony on Sat. May 17 at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco.

Other winners in the competition:


WINNER: Larry Loves San Francisco! – John Skewes

RUNNER-UP: Summer Camp – Michael McWade/illustrated by Ivan Earl Aguilar


  • A Little Goes A Long Way – Ashley Mills Monaghan
  • Superhero Tracker Club – Finity Frost
  • The Princess Fables – Marc Clark
  • Lightkeepers to the Rescue - – Marisa deJesus Paolicelli
  • Under the Rainbow – Katherine Reynolds
  • The Children’s Calendar of Dreams – Robin Lieske
  • Arlo Goes to the Farmers Market – Karisa Lowe
  • My Bonus Mom – Tami Butcher
  • Max’s Midnight Swirl – Jane Brandi Johnson
  • A Squirrel’s Story – Jana Bommersbach
  • Chummz-Isa's Issue – Farah Ansari
  • Can I Just Be Me? – Rolanda McCowan
  • Curio, A Shetland Sheepdog and Friends – Jeanette Griver
  • Guardian of Dreams, A Bedtime Story – Wendy Torrel
  • The Gumshoes: A New Town, Oh, Joy – Valerie Murphy
  • Diamond Island – Linh Ngoc Giang
  • No Bees Please! – Brian Courrejou
  • A Midnight Song – Cynthia Peck
  • Bank of Allowance Givers – Lori Wolf
  • If Chocolate Were Purple – Jen Barton
  • Those Amazing Scientists – Charlotte Forbes
  • The Monarch’s Call – Peggy Metzgar
  • The First Birthday Party – Keith Johnson
  • Pink Fire Trucks – Gladys E. Barbieri


WINNER: The Gravity of Birds – Tracy Guzeman

RUNNER-UP: Favors & Lies – Mark Gilleo


  • Frozen Music _ Michael Vaughn
  • Half World: A Novel – Scott O’Connor
  • Lies in Wait – Donna del Oro
  • Notown – Tess Collins
  • Singing to the Lions – Robert A. Gisclair
  • Julia & Rodrigo - Mark Brazaitis
  • Smelling Herself - Terris McMahan Grimes
  • Jester: Memoirs of a Retired Hippie – Warren Troy
  • The Boy with the Blue Cap – Norman Beaupre
  • Vampire Defense – MaryGlenn McCombs
  • A Melody of Tears – Anas Abou Ismael
  • My Summer on Haight Street – Robert Rice Jr.
  • A Year in the Life of Dr. Fox – Frederick L. Malphurs
  • Fleeting Visions – Rene Natan
  • Primal Sympathy – Dee Silverstein
  • Strum – Nancy Young
  • Jacob’s Cellar – Richard Sharp
  • Liquid Gold – Owen Sullivan
  • Luz – Luis Gonzalez
  • Run of the Mill – David Patten
  • Patriot – A.S. Bond
  • Urbino, Unexpectedly - Maria Chiara Marscian
  • The Art Procurer – Jeff Ridenour
  • The Phoenix – Sharyl Bales
  • Pressed Pennies – Steven Manchester
  • Unrelenting Nightmare – Stan Yocum
  • Deadly Whispers – Richard L. Hatin
  • Status Quo – Henry Mosquera
  • A Poker Game of Love – Alice Walsh


WINNER: Spanners - The Fountain of Youth – Jonathan Maas

RUNNER-UP: Creepy Friends – Ronnie Stich


  • Charlie Dill The Cornerstone Treasure – Greg Glaser
  • Playing Tyler – T.L. Costa
  • Double A Blues – Patrick Rockenbach
  • 84 Ribbons – Paddy Eger
  • Traffic Jam – Melissa Groeling
  • Donor 23 – Cate Campbell Beatty
  • The Carlswick Affair – S.L. Beaumont
  • Iron Shinto – Tricia Stewart Shiu
  • There is a Dragon in My Closet – Raymond Leo Blain
  • Wizdom and Pandora – Krista Woodard
  • Exit Point – A Hidden Secrets Novel - Alicia Sanftleben
  • A Warm Day in April – Antonio Arana
  • Motley – Seeing Stripes – Lisa Doherty
  • The Prophecy: Secrets of Shadow Hill Book 2 – S.P. Cervantes


WINNER: The Disaster Artist – Greg Sestero/Tom Bissell

RUNNER-UP: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: A Life Beyond Her… - Darwin Porter/Danforth Prince


  • Tasting Home: Coming of Age in the Kitchen – Judith Newton
  • An American Knight – Norman Fulkerson
  • Tears for My City – Dean Dimitrieski
  • Steinbeck Remembered – Dr. Audry L. Lynch
  • If I Fall Apart – Karen M. Garcia
  • Learning to Breathe – Sue Fries/Todd Aaron Jensen
  • When Angels Die – Caroline de Chavigny
  • Ain’t Nothing Like Freedom – Cynthia McKinney
  • My Life in Secret – Karla A. Smagur
  • A Lucky Boy – Gilbert Jacobs
  • The Difference in Butterfiles - Yung Yung Tsuai Lerner
  • Fairy Pudding – William Joseph Bryan
  • Death at 40: The Memoir of a Struggling Christian – Cheryl A. Shaffer
  • What Freedom Smells Like – Amy Lewis
  • Walking Tall – Clay Rivers


WINNER: Who Owns The Future? – Jaron Lanier

RUNNER-UP: Finding the Next Steve Jobs – Nolan Bushnell with Gene Stone


  • Hunting in a Farmer’s World – John Dini
  • Moments of Impact: Chris Ertel and Lisa Kay Solomon
  • Trends, Waves, Windows and Bubbles – Kenneth Thurber
  • How Do I Keep My Employees Motivated? – George Langelett
  • Our Best Tomorrow – Lauren and Robert Hudson
  • Compass: Creating Exceptional Organizations – William F. Brandt, Jr.
  • The MBA Slingshot for Women – Nicole M. Lindsay


WINNER: Who Nuked the Duke? John William Law

RUNNER-UP: Four Quadrant Living – Dina Colman


  • Double Happiness – Tony Brasunas
  • A Judeo-Islamic Nation: The Evolution of America’s Political Theology – Thomas Mates
  • Reaching for the Moon: More Diaries of a Roaring Twenties Teen – Julia Park Tracey
  • The Power of Urgency – William Keiper
  • Understanding the Anomalously Sensitive Person - David Ritchey
  • Parents in Highschoolland – Karyn Rashoff
  • Retire Lucky – Retirement Innovation – Sam M. Ali
  • Smoking: Why to Quit, How to Quit.. – Muriel Crawford
  • Hope into Practice – Penny Rosenwasser
  • Fibromyalgia and Other Painful Chronic Conditions – Dr. Jeffrey Loomer
  • To the Manor Drawn – Leslie Ann Bosher
  • Justify Thin – Renae Da Grava
  • Looking for LeBarons – Karen Basli


WINNER: Lady Unveiled – Pamela Bauer Muller

RUNNER-UP: Of Fleas and Fleadom – Lewis Goldstein/Arianna Grinager


  • High Points: A Risk Taker's Book of Quotes – Jonathan J. Wunrow
  • Descended from the Gods – David Ritchey
  • Organs – Deckle McLean
  •  Killing the Curse – Dennis Hetzel/Rick Robinson
  • Murder in the Haunted House – Carol Lee Owen


WINNER: Reckoning – Vincent M. Wales

RUNNER-UP: The Blade of Eve – Shaun Penney


  • Among the Veils


WINNER: The Butcher, The Baker, the Wine and Cheese Maker – Jennifer Schell

RUNNER-UP: Cookies for Grownups – Kelly Cooper


  • The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook – Pam Braun
  • Gluten-Free Breakfast, Brunch & Beyond - Linda J. Amendt
  • Save the Males: A Kitchen Survivor Handbook – Gordon Smith/Reparata Mazzola


WINNER: The Logic of the Qur’an – James Campbell

RUNNER-UP: The Rainbow Bridge – Brent N. Hunter



WINNER: The Day Rider and Other Stories – J.E. Robinson

RUNNER-UP: The Moment to Remember – William Joseph Bryan


  • Sweetgrass: Crimson – Patricia Ann Kuess
  • Detective Riley’s First Case – Brian O’Brien
  • Kingsley & I Reloaded – Gary Martine


WINNER: Ole! Capturing the Passion of Bullfighters and Aficionados in the 21st Century – Hal Marcovitz

RUNNER-UP: Seasons of Our Lives: Autumn – Matilda Butler/Kendra Bonnett


  • Breadcrumbs for Beginners – Dr. Sherry Meinberg
  • You Are Here – edited by Keren Taylor
  • New Worlds: The 2013 Girls Write Now Anthology – Girls Write Now


WINNER: Butterflies and All Things Sweet – Bonnae Gokson

RUNNER-UP: Paul Chesley, A Photographic Voyage – Paul Chesley


  • Berta and Elmer Hader: A Lifetime of Art – Joy Hoerner, et. al


WINNER: Emotional Sobriety – Richard Parenti

How to Use Your iPad As Your Life Coach – Paulette Kouffman Sherman

WINNER: The Ascent of Eamon O’Dowd – K. Patrick Malone

RUNNER-UP: Taking It Home – Calder Lowe


  • The Emptying – Calder Lowe


WINNER: The Wine Region of Rioja – Ana Fabiano

RUNNER: Walking to Forest Grove – Ken and Kris Bilderback


  • Fire in a Small Town – Ken and Kris Bilderback


WINNER: Winter’s A Comin’ Still – Dr. Neal Hall

RUNNER-UP: Boss Patois – Dominique Jones


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